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Straightforward Intermediate Workbook скачать

Все уровни УМК Straightforward:

  • Straightforward Beginner
  • Straightforward Elementary
  • Straightforward Pre-Intermediate
  • Straightforward Intermediate
  • Straightforward Upper-Intermediate
  • Straightforward Advanced

Straightforward is Macmillan’s back-to-basics, six-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. It has a clear structure and is designed to be easy for both the teacher and student to use.
Straightforward Student’s book — Provides motivating content in a format that is easy for both teachers and students to use.All lessons include a balance of language and skills work, and the different sections on the page are clearly labelled so that students know exactly what they are focusing on at each moment 12 topics per level, each containing skills work, contextualised grammar activities, vocabulary development exercises and functional language lessons.
Straightforward Workbook with Key — Contains practice material for each lesson in the Student’s Book, offering thorough consolidation of the language input. A complete writing course containing practical writing tasks for classroom or self-study. Extra reading texts and activities for every unit.
Straightforward — teacher’s book CD. Features a general English course based on observation of what good teachers do in the classroom. This teacher’s book CD contains teaching notes, methodology builders, photocopiable activities, editable tests, and an audio.

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